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Eric Carbonara is a guitarist, composer, audio engineer and producer whose career spans over a decade of collaborations and solo work. Frequently using a rotating cast of monikers and aliases, Carbonara simply uses sound to interpret the world around him as he sees fit. His own recording studio, Nada Sound Studio, is both the catalyst and the mechanism through which Carbonara speaks. Recent years have revealed a departure from his psych/krautrock-influenced work (Jason likes science, the cameras, the molecules) to a kaleidoscopic realm of minimalism, electro-acoustic improvisation, free-noise guitar thrashing, the folk music of North Africa and Andalusia and Classical Hindustani music. In a sense, Eric Carbonara plays pidgin music, a language that is in between other languages-borrowing elements from its surroundings-it may be a language that only Eric speaks, but he speaks it well.

In 2004, Eric Carbonara released a limited-edition album of signal delay compositions titled selections from the void... Since then, Carbonara's work has been seen on two Philadelphia based compilations: Rich Wexlers Up the Stairs, Down the Hall (under the moniker Otoño Brujo, a showcase of Philadelphia acts such as Man Man, Make a Rising, Doctor and Philip and Niagara Falls. Up the Stairs, Down the Hall was voted one of the top-five albums of 2005 by Philadelphias City Paper. Carbonara also was featured on Honeymoon Musics self-titled compilation, which he debuted an excerpt from the sprawling Music for Wine Glasses. He is currently working on a follow up to selections from the void, which will consist of two more studio based compositions and an anthology showcasing selected works from the last ten years.