Eric Carbonara is a Philadelphia based multi-instrumentalist & recording engineer,
whose search for raw aural expression has led him far and wide
– from noise & electro-acoustic music to taking deep root in the bounty of the
wooden guitar. Carbonara's playing draws on the rich musical styles from Andalusian
Roma-Flamenco to Hindustani & North African folk to form a kind of exalted pidgin style
of playing that covers a wide emotional terrain from meditative calm to restless unease.
His live solo performances range from contemplative acoustic meditations to aggressively loud electric sets. Carbonara is a regular collaborator in the improvisational outfit, Evil Eye Sound System & plays with the Philly psych-rock group, Soft People.

Carbonara’s full length solo acoustic debut, /Exodus Bulldornadius/ was released on November 2007 on Chicago based Locust Music as part of the label’s ongoing Wooden Guitar series.

listen to me on WFMU with Irene Trudel

and on David Garland's Spinning On Air

watch a short clip from the fire museum summer solstice reverie

watch soft people performing bloody nose at the first unitarian church in philadelphia