Eric Carbonara
Audio Engineer

Nada Sound Studio

I am a freelance audio engineer working out of a variety of studios in the Greater Philadelphia region. Nada Sound Studio is a catch-all name, used as both my publishing copyright and in credits for projects completed at my home studio.

The operating ethos of Nada Sound Studio is the very same that I apply to my guitar/composition work: I believe that music and sound contain universal truths that can help us understand the world and our place in it.

The musician's role is to channel truth as they see it into a meaningful statement, blending personal expression with culturally recognized musical paradigms. Whether these patterns are easily digestible or obscure is merely a point of perspective and circumstance. The audio engineer's role is to capture and transmit this expression in the purest way possible and strive for the shortest path between the artist's mind/heart and the listener's ear/heart.

I apply the same sensibility to the production and post production sound work I do for Film and Tv, helping to bring a director’s vision to life. I believe that the recording process should be as simplistic as possible with all emphasis put on quality of sound and delivering a client's project to the absolute closest possible representation of his/her artistic vision.