Eric Carbonara
Audio Engineer


I’ve been making records for about 20 years. From 4-track cassettes to reel-to-reel, from mobile digital rigs or home studios to professionally designed commercial studios, I’ve always had the same broad approach. The technical aspects of recording have always been intrinsically linked to the art of music writing. I think of myself as a facilitator to overcome technical obstacles rather than an engineer or a producer and I'm consistently focused on serving the artist’s best intention.


I like to spend as much time as possible getting an understanding of the aesthetic vision for a recording. Each experience is totally unique and I aim to have each recording stand out from each other. One way we do this is to listen to records together, share references and ideas about approach, and discuss the technical details involved. Before we commit to an approach we need to understand the full scope of the project.

In/Out of the studio:

I do not exclusively work in studios. Some material requires unconventional recording spaces to fully bring the vision to life. Whether it be an abandoned building, decrepit sanctuary, the back of a moving truck, or in the middle of the woods, I have the experience and tools to capture a beautiful and deeply nuanced recording.

I freelance out of several professionally designed studios in the Greater-Philadelphia area. Whether or not to work in a traditional studio setting is really based on your tech needs, budget, and the overall aesthetic you’re aiming for. The best recording location is both the one that sounds the best and won’t bankrupt you. To that end, I’ve made myself very flexible to literally record anywhere.


The tools I use change based on where I’m working. I have access to the normal gear that is considered in the canon of professional tools (Neve, Neumann, API, Sound Devices, etc.). In terms of signal flow, the player and instrument are the most important aspect. My job is to choose the best tool and understand how to properly use it in a way that complements and furthers your intention.


Like all my other work, my rates fluctuate based on a number of factors. Technical requirements, time requirements, travel, space rental, etc. I am very transparent about budgets and I’m always happy to suggest fellow engineers in the area if we can’t work something out. With music recording, I prefer to not bill by the hour. While I prefer flat rates, certain spaces require hourly rates. Part of my job as an engineer is time management and I will keep your project on track to stay within your budget.